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Pairing Java objects with Oracle Types

When you send your java object variables to Oracle, you can divide objects into attributes, then send them to database. It makes no sense and takes much development time than sending directly as object. Before sending java object to oracle, you should do some steps.

1 ) Firstly, you should set up your java objects.

> Import java.sql.SQLData, SQLException, SQLInput, SQLOutput classes to your object class
> Your class implements SQLData Interface but not necessary
> readSql, writeSql, getSqlTypeName methods must be declared and they process (read or write) class variables

import java.sql.SQLData;
import java.sql.SQLException;
import java.sql.SQLInput;
import java.sql.SQLOutput;

* @author TTASUNGUR
public class StreamType implements SQLData

private String sql_type;
public String dataType = “”;
public String activation_Type = “”;


StreamType(String sql_type)
this.sql_type = sql_type;

public void readSQL(SQLInput inStream, String typeName) throws

sql_type = typeName;
dataType = inStream.readString();
activation_Type = inStream.readString();
// this order should be similar to defining order


public void writeSQL(SQLOutput outStream) throws SQLException
// this order should be similar to defining order


String getSQLTypeName() throws SQLException
return sql_type;

2 ) You should create Oracle type that will be matched your java object :

dataType VARCHAR2(50),
activation_Type VARCHAR2(50)

3 ) There should be mapping java object to oracle object.

java.util.Map myMap = (Map)conn.getTypeMap(); // conn is a Connection object, Map class casts it ( also Map class should be imported your java class )
myMap.put(oracle_gb_file_type, Class.forName(“nor.GB_File”));

4 ) If your new object is ready for sending database, you can pass it to a statement object.

StreamType st = new StreamType();
st.dataType = “foo”;
st.activation_Type = “foo2”;
CallableStatement cstmt = conn.prepareCall(“{ call AQ_ADM_PRTP.AQ_PRTP.ENQUEUE_STREAM_TYPE(?) }”); //plsql procedure that gets StreamType type that has already created in Database

Other link(s):
> Working with Oracle Objects : http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B19306_01/java.102/b14355/oraoot.htm

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